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Ministry Links

In order to meet the needs for the ethnic Chinese Christian churches in the USA, the following websites are selected from three language worlds: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Unless it is noted in Chinese, others are in English. EFC does not own any copyright of sites on this page.

Caring and Counseling Bible Teaching Sunday Worship Church Administration Youth
Adult Christian Education Small Groups Older Adults Prayer Ministry Preaching
Congregational Leadership Peace- Making Social Missions Governing Sharing the Gospel
Disciples-Making Transition, Change, Renewal Clergy Welcoming and Assimilation Children's Ministry

Christian Caring & Counseling

Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation: a Christ-centered counseling ministry through resources, courses, conferences and counseling service

American Association of Christian Counselors : a counseling ministry to equip and to credential clinical, pastoral, and lay care-givers with biblical truth and psychosocial insights that minister to hurting persons.

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors : ACBC exists to equip believers to minister the Bible faithfully to those all around you who are in need of God’s truth through online training and certification.

Oates Institute: a unique global learning community for spiritual and pastoral care through on-line education, publication, and research.

The Journal of Pastoral Care Publications, Inc. (JCPC): This journal advances theory and professional practice through scholarly and reflective literature on pastoral and spiritual care, counseling, psychotherapy, education, and research.

International Council of Pastoral Care and Counseling:ICPCC exists to educate, equip, and empower individuals and institutions in the theory and practice of pastoral care and counseling.

Association of Clinical Pastoral Education: ACPE provides field education for seminaries/pastors to learn personal and professional identity and pastoral caring arts for institutions

Stephen Ministries: a ministry training lay caring workers in congregations

Chinese Family for Christ, International: providing marriage and family related counseling services to ethnic Chinese people

Asian Christian Conseling & Educational Seminar Services

True Life Counseling Ministry : training Chinese churches to develop counselors and counseling

CCLW : a general Chinese counseling website, including many readable e-books dealing with various life issues

Cosmic Light Holistic Care: a Chinese site on caring and counseling a minsitry equipping parents to build emotionally safe and screen-balanced homes

The Abba Projecta ministry promoting healthy father-daughter relationship

Toronto Chinese Christian Parenting Association : A Chrisitan organization dedicates to the Chinese Christian parenting in North America through semianrs, workshops, and support groups.

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support: a ministry specializing in care for pregnancy and new born loss

Bereaved Parents of the USA: an organization provides grief support through conferences and chapters to parents who lost their children for all reasons.

Smart Stepfamilies by Ron Deal: Offers FREE articles and online support for stepparents and the blended family marriage, guidance for blended family problems or planning a blended family wedding. Become a smart stepfamily with practical book and video resources.

Hope Restored: a healing ministry for couples in crisis under Focus on Family

Divorce Care: providing care training and care for divorce people and having a list of care centers in states

AssistGuide Information Services a site on Elder Care,Long Term Care, and Caregiver Information and Resources

Caregiver Action Network: An organization to educate, to support, to empower, and to advocate for the caregivers

National palleative and hospice Care Organization:provides free resources to help people make decisions about end-of-life care and services before a crisis.

Our Journey of Hope: a minsitry provides pastors and ministry leaders with the tools, training and support to raise up cancer care ministries in their churches and communities.

Open to Hope Foundation:a non-profit with the mission of helping people find hope after loss though articles, stories, TV, radio, and online support communities.

HelpGuide: A help guide concerning emotional and mental health issues

National Asian-AmericanPacific Islander Mental Health Association : a site informs the issues encountered by Asian immigrants

Addiction Resource: The site dedicated to educate the public and the stuggling people about addictions, prevention, treatement and recovery options.

Compassion in Action: A Guide for Faith Communities Serving People Experiencing Mental Illness and Their Caregivers by Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives/United States Department of Health and Human Services : a 44 pages in pdf regarding the 7 principles of compassion in action and Mental Health Professional Connection Resources on mental health

Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being: a 48 pages in pdf on five essentials for workplace mental health and well-being by The US General Surgeon's Framework for Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being.

Mental Health Ministries: an interfaith web based ministry under Pathway to Promise to provide educational resources to help erase the stigma of mental illness in faith communities.

Basic Counseling Skills: an educational site for basic counseling skills and theories.

HPSOFor acquiring counseling insurance for professional and pastoral counselors

Asian-Pacific American Legal Resource Center (APALRC): an organization based in Washington DC to serve the low-income Asian Pacific Americans in relating to their civic and legal rights

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Bible Studies

Bible versions:

Jian Ming Sheng Jing (Bible in simple and easy to understand Chinese) by The Official Website of Tucson Chinese Bible Society : There are in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, audio versions. It is a Dynamic Chinese Translation.

Chinese bibles: collected the various versions of Chinese bible: CCB, ERV-ZH, CNV, CSB, CUV, CUVMP, RCUMP. Each version has edition of traditional and simplified Chinese.

Audio Chinese bible: talking bible includes the common Chinese dialects audio bible such as FuZhou, Hakka, Min-Nan, Teochew, Cantonese besides mandarin Chinese.

English-Greek/English-Hebrew interlinearat Scripture for All

Mounce Reverse Interlinear New Testament (MOUNCE)at biblegateway This interliner provides a new type of interlinear which alter the Greek word order to match the English word order

English parallel bibleby Bible Study Tools

Chinese Analytical Layout Bible by Dr. Patrick Y. Tang with a great layout for easy reading

LUMO Porject: The Gospels for Visual Age: A multilingual media presenting New Testament four Gospel books unedited and unabridged to promote global understanding of the life of Jesus Christ.

Bible studies:

Bible Sprout: A guide to the top Christian Bible study resources on the web.

Bible Reading Plan

Enter the Bible: a Bible study resources by the professors of Luther Semianry

Center Point Bible Institute: a seminary-level bible teaching is free to those who want to grow in their knowledge of the Bible. Its class notes are available to access.

Chinese Christian Bible Study Information

Bible Study Resources from The Learning Bible at American Bible Society a site with Bilbe versions, transitions, commentaries, dictionaries,concordances, encyclopedias, bible history, lexicons, maps and many other resources to enhance the study of the Bible. an internet bible ministry to help people know the truth, support church by reliable and trustful evangelical Christian scholars.

Bible Commentraies by here are several classic commentaries

Bible Gateway: The IVP New Testament Commentary Series & Asbury Bible Commentary (wesley tradition)

Biblica: Bible Study Resources by the International Bible Society

Academia's Research of Bible Study section: a plaform for academics to share their research papers

Bible History: Maps, Images, Archology

Bible Hub:This site ncludes topical studies, interlinears, sermons, Strong's and many more resources.

Bible Places : a pictorial library of biblical lands

Holy Land Photos: The site collects images of 575 sites in the Holy Land by Dr. Carl Rasmussen.

Robertson's NT Word Pictures at

Vincent's NT Word Studies at

Chiasmus studies

Bible Charts

How to Study the Bible by Builders of Faith

Guide for Commentary Series and Sets compiled by ErskineTheological Seminary Library

Online Classic Hebrew: by Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Online New Testament Greek: by Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Chinese Online Greek(by Alliance Theological Seminary in Taiwan)

Chinese Online Hebrew (by Alliance Theological Seminary in Taiwan)

Christian Classic Ethereal Library

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Worship and Church Music


contemporary worship ministry learning courses : online teaching and coaching by Worship Ministry School to create a contemporary worship ministry environment. All aspects of a contemporary worship such as worship theology, various worship technologies, music theory and playing, leader's leading and planning, copyright, song album are taught.

small church music: a ministry of instrumental music resources for congregational and small group singing. It includes approximately 14891 Public Domain MP3 music files that can be downloaded freely. The instrumentals include free pipe organ, piano and small band recordings for congregational singing. It covers the songs in various hymn books in Asian, European and other languages. Especially, it includes a few Chinese hymn books

Traditional Hymns: a site of traditional hymns in the public domain for listening or freely download.

Scripture Songs by Scripture songs cover the selected scripture verses of the entire bible books

New Heart Music Ministries: The organization creates contemporary worship songs and educates worship among Chinese Churches.

Saints' Hymnary: lyrics of Chinese traditional hymns

ACM: a ministry about the Cantonese contemporary hymns and praises

Church Music Publishers Association: on The church musicians and the copyright law

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship promoting worship renewal and having grants for the churches who would like to learn

Hymnary: It includes information about general music theories, tunes and meters, and the hymns stories.

Daily/Sunday Lectionary by PCUSA

The Hymn Society : promoting the use of hymns and creation of new hymns

Reformed Worship : over 1700 articles about various aspects of the church worship

We Are WorshipUSA: songs and articles on various aspects of contemporary worship service

Seedbed Psalter: an open resource site for singing Psalms by Dr. Timothy C. Tennent and Julie Tennent at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Sing All the Psalms: a resource site developed by Marcus Greenlaw to demonstrate the singing of Psalms.

Digital Psalter : offers resources for anyone who loves to sing Psalms, including access to Psalm tunes for FREE

Worship Resource Center : The site includes the database of over hymns and praises;the info for guitartists, keyboard players, songwriting and publishing, recording ect.


Christian Copyright Licensing International : a ministry on the copyright and use right of Christian songs

Software Easyslides: a software to keep the background pictures, song lyrics, Scriptures for worship service. It allows the display of two languages at the same time.

Worship Screen Backgrounds provided by

MotionBolt: free and downloadable motion backgrounds for church media.

Church Projector System: an example of church projector at

Church Media Drop: The ministry provides free media for church use. It also provides tutorials in design, production and presenter.The site welcome media contributions.

Free Midia for church use

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Church Administration

The Church Network : providing the educational course/info and certification for chuuch administration

Christian Leadership Alliance : online learning about admin aspects of ministry

Ministry Tech:a ministry inform and enhance the current technology side relating to a church ministry in its communication, management, internet security, social media and internet, bible study etc.

Church MinistryToolkit :collection of articles dealing with many issues in church administration

Church Law and Tax : a Web site dedicating to provide extensive information on tax, legal, and risk management issues for church leaders

Peacemaker Ministries: An organization promoting the conflict resolution skills in the church

Effective Meetings: a resource center for meetings

ServantKeeper An organizing membership and offering software

Sermon Net a site provides free tool for displaying sermon podcasts

Pro Church Media a ministry to inform, inspire, equip church to establish a creative media ministry

Partners for Sacred Places, The site offers guidance on building maintenance and repair for congregations. Its online "Information Center" features many free articles.

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Youth Ministry

Fuller Youth Institute: a website to help parents and youth workers to understand the ever-changing youth culture, its impact on the growth of the youth, and how to use proper ways to relate and to help

The Dibble Institute: The Institute specializes in teaching relationship skills to teens and young adults through curriculum resources and speakers, and trainings.

Youth Works (Youth Specialties): a site to equip youth ministry workers with articles, resources, training workshops in the context of youth life development. It offers Parent Newsletter to parents with youth at home

The Source for Youth Ministry: a site on the articles how-to, resources and ideas for the youth ministry

Developmental Assests for adolescents 12-18 by Search Institute : It has a downloadable list of 40 assets that the youth of ages 12-18 are expected to develop out to prepare for the next life stage.The list has a Chinese version.

Youth Ministry Institute : A training program for youth ministry leaders from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Youth Ministry Toolbox:games, small group studies, sermons, bible reading plans

Youth Worker Journal: on youth ministry, youth culture, teaching resources, reviews of films and musics

Legacy Youth Ministry Resources: a site of articles, teaching materials, activity ideas, devotionals, sermons and bible studies.

Creative Bible Study Methods for Youth Leaders by Grahame Knox : 37 pages ' PDF documents provides ways to facilitate and stimulate engaging conversations in Bible study with youth group students.

Teen Sunday School Place: Fresh and creative resources for leaders of youth, teens, tweens, and student ministries.

Faith in 3D: a creative online devotion site for the youth and young adult support

Young Life : reaching out the youth in friendship and in the Gospel through camps and clubs resources site for students who are interested in Bible and Christian Universities by Christian Colleges organization

college degrees online : This organization provides online higher education resources from bachelor to doctoral levels and the latest labor trends in the US. The site provides a master degrees online guide to schools in every US state. It includes an introductory guide to each particular academic discipline.

Teen Help: a site to understand the trouble issues that the teens/young adults may encounter

Family First Aid: a site to help for troubled teens

Family Honor : an organization to provide the education program concerning sexuality , love, family value to the teens through Christian schools and churches

Homeword: a site to help parents in raising their teens

Take the Challenge • Take Charge/Turn Screens OFF, Turn Life ON: a pre-school through high school media education program that reduces unwanted behaviors resulting from TV, Movie, and video game violence.

Enough is Enough : promoting child online safety a teaching program to offer the info for parents and other concerned adults on issues related to internet pornography, child pornography and online predators.

OnLine Safety Tips:It is provided by Federal Consumer Protection

Be Cyber Samrt:Its cyber lessons by Homeland Security educate the public on various aspects of cyber safety

CyberSamrtNow: a student resource dedicating to educate shcool-aged youth in cyber-awareness by students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Covenanteyes: keep the integrity of internet help families to fight for the tempt ions on the internet

Spank! Youth Culture Online A site to peek the minds of the youth

Hollywood Jesus: film analysis and probe the meaning behind the movies,music, pop culture

Chrisitan Film Review: a non-profit ministry of films for Christ.

Guide2Games: help for parents to make the choice to the games

Redeem TV: this is a donor-supported, ad-free, streaming service with no fees. Its goal is to provide edifying and redemptive visual media content for all ages.

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Adult Christian Education Ministry

(Please refer to Bible Studies section)


Christian Education Ministry Resources & Training: articles on all aspects of a Christian Education Ministry

Curriculum: Some samples representing different approaches to Adult Christian Education

(Simplified Chinese)Center for Chinese Biblical Education : The Center writes, publishes Bible study materials and conducts online training workshops in Chinese language.

( three serise of study materials :Discover God, Discover Christian Life and Discover Chrisitan Service. They are both in simplified Chinese and in traditional Chinese.

(Touch Life Mission)Bible Life Series and Small Group Bible Study Series : five series invite readers to build up a transformed selfhood that pleases to God.

(Baptist) Topic Bible Study Courses for the Old Adults (in traditional Chinese)

(Christian Communications International) 12 Multi-Intellegence 3D Topic Bible Study series :The series focus on theological topics across the books of the bible to understand the word of God.

"Ten Steps toward Christian Maturity": an online resource from the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, internaltional

Seasons of the Spirit: Christian Education/Worship resources according to the Christian Year


Leading Small Group Bible Studies by Wen-Feng Su: an online resource covering how to study the Bible and how to produce a workable lesson plan. The text is in simplified Chinese.

Teaching Like Jesusby La Verne Tolbert: an onlinle book at Google Search Book

"Type and Learning" : on learning styles and teaching methods by MBTI indicators.

Grasha-Reichmann Student Learning Style Scales Inventory

Instructional Design: "Andragogy (M. Knowles)": an article on Knowles's adult learning theory.

Church History and Theology

Christian Creeds and Confessionsby The Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

History of the Christian Church: an online book by Philip Schaff, at CCEL, covering the years up to Reformation Period

Hall of Church History: A site with a brief introduction page on each historical period and then a collection of useful webistes relating to that period.

Church History Timeline: covering the important events from 5 B.C. up to 1968 A. D.

Contemporary Christian Denominations Websites by Harford Institute for Religion Research

' What is theology? What are the categories of Christian theology?

What is systematic theology?

Historical Theology from A Puritan's Mind: The site serves to familiarize one with the basic but important trends, debates, and theological views through Christian History.

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Small Groups Ministry

Small : a ministry dedicating to small groups, collecting articles on Christian small group uses in church history up to present time; providing info concerning the formation of small groups, providing for group us as a communication and connection space. It has free newsletter available to assist small groups.

Small Group Resources: Saddleback model

"Jesus as a Small Group Leader- Part I"by Mike Shepherd

"Jesus as a Small Group Leader- Part2" by Mike Shepherd

Serendipity Bible for Personal and Small Group Study: The ready-made questionaires with over 200 bible passages to target 10 special interest groups from youth to senior adults in two course tracks

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Older Adults Ministry

Senior Planet: an organization dedicating to teach the older adults age 60+ to learn contemporary digital communication technologies. It periodically offers free online course and programs for use. There is a special page for ethnic Chinese elderly in Chinese language.

Praise-Dance: The Praise-Dance is created by church musician Mrs. Mei-Yun Wu. Praise-Dance is especially designed for the Chinese elderly. Its song lyrics is based on Bible verses. Each praise dance offers multi-level of benefits -devotion, worship, praise, prayer, exercise, and fellowship.

Bible Broadcast Network(App BBN Radio): a USA-based Bible broadcast network. It has 24-7 programs in sveral languaes including Chinese, Japnaese, Korean, Russian language. The content includes bible reading, teaching and Christian music. There is a new session every 30minutes. It is useful for the elderly in homebound, in long-term care settings, and with visual-handicapped condition. Its App can be freely downloaded from Apple Store.

Shepherd’s Centers of America: resources consists of organizations for senior adults in the US

Senior Living Ministry: a site to encourge and strengthen the senior adults

Aging Successfully Today: a ministry by Dr. Dave Gallagher with focus on nurture of church older adults, ministers, and their congregations

Flourishing in the Third Third of Life Initiative (Third Third): this is a project by Fuller De Pree Center to help older adults to live fully and fruitfully and to enhance the older adult ministry in the church through curated resources, newsletters and webinars.

An Example of Senior Adult Ministry

Daily Living for Seniors Devotional from

American Society of Aging- with all aspects of aging: physical, economic, emotional, social, and spiritual.

USC Family Caregivers Support Center (FCSC): The Center helps families and communities master the challenges of caring for persons with brain impairing conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury and chronic health issues.

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Prayer Ministry

Praying Scriptures: demonstrate how to do it from scriptures to prayers

Prayer Walk Guide: a guide to prayer walk and to train others to do so (2)

A Guide to One-Hour Prayer for Vigil Prayer

Anchor Your Life: prayer sections on modes, types of requests, and praying scripture

All About Prayer: articles and bible verses on prayer. The site has a simplified Chinese version.

Small Clouds Ministry: a prayer ministry, collections of Christian classics on prayers, handouts of concert of prayer for small group and church;

Christian Prayers and Resources: The site has sections of Celtic tradition and traditional liturgical churches

Ministry Tools: Prayer Ministry Training

Software to organize Prayer Ministry by Iprayerworks : This is a program helping to connect a prayer ministry team and prayer intercessors with instructions and prayer requests.

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Preaching Ministry

Evangelical Homiletics Society: an academic society to advance the biblical preaching through a biblical-theological approach and to increase competence for preachers

Examples of Expository Preaching at Bible Bulletin Board

Expository Sermons and Worship Resources

"From Text to Context: Hermeneutics Principles for Applying the Word of God" by G. Waldemar Degner at Concordia Theological Quarterly, Volume 60: Number 4, October 1996.

"Journeys Toward Colossae: A Biblical Model for Preaching" by Walter T. Wilson at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia : The article gives a discussion and an example of how the form of sermon follows the form of the scripture text

Preaching : a library of preching skills and tools

working discussion of various aspects of the act of biblical preaching by biblical scholars, theologians, homileticians and pastors

Sermon a sermon resource center ; its "Preaching excellence" section provides articles on various issues concerning preaching

Preaching Articles and Resources at articles on preaching skills. ideas, and sermons

Preaching Today at Christianity Today: articles on preaching skills,illustrations, holiday ideas, and sermons

Preach it: 110 contributors on various series of ready sermons (Apostolic/Pentecostal resource)

Online Sermon Preparation Tool

Free bible images : a comprehensive bible illustration and photo images site by multi-contributors for free download by anyone, anytime at anywhere

WorshipHouse Media: a site to provide for sermon illustrations vedios, worship background and popular worsip song tracks

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Congregational Leadership

Congregational Consulting Group: Congregational Consulting is a network of independent consultants to assist congregations in Alban traditions.

The Center for Congregations. The organization supplies a newsletter, resource database, and articles to help congregational leaders minister more effectively.

Alban at Duke: A ministry helps leaders connect and learn from one another by sharing practical wisdom, stories of thriving congregations and transformational models of ministry.

Christian Leadership Alliance: a ministry to equip and invest Christian leaders

Inter-Varsity International Students Ministry a mnistry dedicating to reach out international students

CTPastors on Lead: articles on Christian church leadership at Christianity Today

"Locally Grown Leadership" by Chad Hall at 07/06/09: an article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of locally grown leadership in churhes at Christianity Today

Women Leaders: a community for Christian Women called to ministry at Christianity Today

"The Role of Women in the Church"at Builders of Faith: The article discusses the role of women in the church from the viewpoints of Biblical hermeneutical approach.

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership, dedicated to the understanding of Christian leadership and effective leadership practices.

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Peace-Making Ministry

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality : a ministry with a mission that apply emotional health to biblical spirituality in order to transform leaders, relationships, churches and organizations.

Peacemaker Ministries: an organization couches churches to deal with conflicts

Reconcillation: An outline study of what the Bible says about in Christ in You ministry

Harford Institute for Religion Research: a site of scholarly studies on the congregational life data in past decade

Bowen Center for the Study of the Family: An organization dedicates its mission in applying Bowen family systems theory into a science of human behavior and to assist individuals and various types of groups in solving major life problems through understanding and improving human relationships.

The Journey to Intimacy: an Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development Relationship Enhancement Curriculum by Dr. Wei-Jen Hwang.

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Social Missions

Here 4 You Consulting: an organization helps Christian ministries for grant writing

American Chinese Christian Educational & Social Services:a non-profit, non-denominational Christian outreach community service agency created to serve Chinese families in and around Boston with a holistic Christian approach.

God's Love At Work For Women: a marketplace outreach and a source of encouragement for working women in any capacity

Social Service Overview at Lutheran Social Services at Illinois: examples of social service directions

"Outcome-Based Evaluation: Faith-Based Social Service Organizations and Stewardship" by Patrick F. Fagan, Ph.D., Claudia Horn, Calvin W Edwards, Karen M Woods and Collette Caprara at the Heritage Foundation: Leadership in America

Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (FBCI):FBCI supports several programs in mental health services, substance abuse prevention, and addiction treatment at faith-based organizations

Compassion in Action: A Guide for Faith Communities Serving People Experiencing Mental Illness and Their Caregivers by Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives/United States Department of Health and Human Services : a 44 pages in pdf regarding the 7 principles of compassion in action and Mental Health Professional Connection Resources on mental health

Alpha Course: a ten sessions' courses of Christian faith in a relaxed social setting


Congregational Discernment Resources at George Fox University

Book "Evaluating Ministry:Principles and Processes for Clergy and Congregations by Jill Hudson (The Alban Institute)

Church Administration Articles :collection of articles dealing with many issues concerning governing by the church ministry toolkit

CLA Online Learning Academy: A training center under Christian Leadership Alliance to improve the governance, leadership, management and resource development of Christ-centered organizations.

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Sharing the Gospel

All about God

Missionary Care: resources for Missions and Mental Care

Saturation Church Planting: a model of church planting

The Gospel Coalition promoting Gospel-center ministry through conference, videos, articles, blog etc.

Christian Aid Mission: An organization promotes indigenous missions and provides the info concerning needs of mission fields and recruiting for missionaries.

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(Also see Bible Teaching/Adult Christian Education/Small Group Ministry)

Biblical Foundations For Freedom: Releasing God's Life-Changing Truth To A New Generation:

The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Courses for churches: a newly developped discipleship course with focuses on spiritualty and relationships by Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Ministry.

Discipleship Tools

Discipleship Materials by Campus Crusade For Christ Ministries : Chinese version

Bible Broadcast Nework Bible Institute in radio/ multiple-languages

Discipleship Focus: a ministry affliated with the Young Life with discipeship focus for college students during summer time through work and study.

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Transition, Change, Renewal

The Center for Parish Development

Transitional Ministry Network: Resources for clergy and congregations during transitional times

(free downloads)Reassess Vision and Mission Tools by Will Mancini at introducing five tools to help a church to clarify their vision and mission (Clarity Quiz,sources of malnourished identity,thinkholes,the vision frame,spider diagram).

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Clergy(Also see Congregational Leadership and Governing)

National Clergy Renewal Program : The Lilly Endowment funded program awards grants to congregations that offer a program for the renewal of their pastor

Strengthening Pastoral Leadership : The Lilly Endowment funded program awards grants to honor and support pastoral leaders to engage in peer learning groups.

Clergy Leadership Institute an institute provides :resources, training, consulting,coaching for clergy leadership.

Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory: A research-based 360* online leadership assessment instrument designed specifically for pastors.

Alban Institute :Alban at Duke Divinity School helps leaders connect and learn from one another by sharing practical wisdom, stories of thriving congregations and transformational models of ministry.

Care for Pastors Sunday : ideas to honor and appreciate pastors and free events planning guide

FindtheDivine - Directory of Spiritual Retreats, Religious Retreats and Conference Centers

The Mountain Learning Center: a mountain retreat for pastors and their spouses where a physically enjoyable, emotionally gratifying & spiritually invigorating experience revitalizes their relationship with God, self and others.

Professional Health and Wellness Program: a one-week program by Association of American Christian Counselors and The Center, A Place of Hope for pastors and counselors in need of reflection and renewals

The Nathan Project: a course by Light University for pastors and church leaders to understand and prevent sexual misconduct in ministry.

Pastoral Care Inc.: a ministry to help support ministers from every Christian denomination through research, educational support and providing immediate assistance.

Care for Pastors: a non-denominational, international ministry for caring ministers and their families.

PastorKids: a non-denominational, international ministry for caring pastors' kids.

The Clergy Recovery Network A ministry exists to support, encourage and provide resources to religious professionals in recovery.

Sarah's Tent : A ministry devoted to God's silent warriors, the wives of pastors and ministers of all denominations and cultural backgrounds, as well as their families, for fellowship, support, laughter and prayer.

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Welcoming & Assimilation articles, courses on welcoming ministry

Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Division in a Consumer Church by Paul Louis Metgzer : 25 page PDF study guide to rethink the cultural divisions of race and class in the church and to bring the racial reconcilation in light of the kingdom of God.

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Children's Ministry

"What Matters Now in Children's Ministry": a 37 pages pdf by 30 leaders on 33 perspectives that inpact Childen's faith development now.

Children Ministry Tools: Books, websites, and other ministry tools and resources

Children Ministry Net: collection of quality children’s ministry networking and linking to equip leaders for effective ministry.

International Network of Children Ministry: a non-profit, denominationally independent, Christian organization provides services to train, encourage, motivate, network and resource Christian leaders who minister to children and families.

Today's Children Ministry: This website is a ministry of Christianity Today International, an interdenominational and not-for-profit publisher. free articles, downloadable training tools

Children Ministry Magazine: 0-12 children's ministry resources

Children's Worship Bulletins:Reproducible Children’s Bulletins; A quiet and fun way to involve kids in worship and teach them the Bible.

Children Ministry Place: Children's Videos

Kid's Sunday School Place:The site provides complete Sunday school lessons for children from four years old up to the 6th grade. We provide ideas for bulletin boards, crafts, object lessons, games, activities, skits, stories, songs, teaching tips, and much more

Kidology: equipping and encouraging those who minister to children

My hands-on Bible : on-line free resources that will help entire family experience the Bible and learn the truth of God's Word. It requires log in to register for access.

Children's Bible Activities :

Bible for Children: a bible ministry for children with free Bible stories, downable coloring books, track files, and other creative tools in over 100 languages to be used in Sunday School.

Search Institute: 40 developmental assets for early Childhood (ages 3-5), Children K-3 (ages 5-9),Middle Childhood (ages 8-12)

MOPs: a community for moms to find friendship, community, resources and support

Reducing the risk : a program to train church leaders to prevent child sexual abuse

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Prayer Request

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- Daily

- Mid-Week

-Bible Books


Free Training Mental Health Initiative for church by Light University

-info on 2024 Christian Ministry Learning and special grant Opportunities

-EFC educational workshop

-Rev.Dr. Samuel Tang Bookroom

-Church Leadership Podcast

-free courses at Our Daily Bread Christian University for edifying and serving