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Educational Workshops/Seminars

Currently available workshops and seminars include:

Ministry Workshops

Bible Studies Methods (12 sessions)
Advanced Bible Study Skills ( 3 sessions )
From Text to Sermon (3 sessions) (pre-requirement: Advanced Bible Study Skills)
Art of Pastoral Care (6 sessions)
Pastoral Leadership 2.0 (8 sessions)
New Lay Ministry Leaders Pack ( 4 sessions)
Small Group Leaders Pack ( 5 sessions)

Life Seminars

Resolving Personal Conflicts ( 8 sessions)
Marriage Enrichment (3 sessions)
Parenting in Bi-Cultural Context (2 sessions)
Talking about Difficult Emotions ( 6 sessions)
Interpersonal Learning for Teens and Young Adults:
What? My Feelings: Making Peace with My Feelings (6 sessions)
Where Am I?: Me, Others, and Groups (6 sessions)
Say What Is Real: Saying Difficult Things in My Gut ( 6 sessions)

Bible Studies

Walk through the New Testament (26 sessions)
Introducing the Bible Series (4 sessions): new believers

Book Reading and Discussions (Bible & Theology)

For Western Missionary (4 sessions)

~~~~Every session lasts from 90 minutes to two hours.
~~~~All will be held in small group form.
~~~~Details upon request

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