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Educational Workshops/Seminars

Currently available workshops and seminars include:

Ministry Workshops

Bible Studies Methods (12 sessions)
Advanced Bible Study Skills ( 3 sessions )
From Text to Sermon (3 sessions) (pre-requirement: Advanced Bible Study Skills)
Art of Pastoral Care (6 sessions)
Pastoral Leadership 2.0 (8 sessions)
New Lay Ministry Leaders Pack ( 4 sessions)
Small Group Leaders Pack ( 5 sessions)

Life Seminars

Resolving Personal Conflicts ( 8 sessions)
Marriage Enrichment (3 sessions)
Parenting in Bi-Cultural Context (2 sessions)
Talking about Difficult Emotions ( 6 sessions)
Interpersonal Learning for Teens and Young Adults:
What? My Feelings: Making Peace with My Feelings (6 sessions)
Where Am I?: Me, Others, and Groups (6 sessions)
Say What Is Real: Saying Difficult Things in My Gut ( 6 sessions)

Bible Studies

Walk through the New Testament (26 sessions)
Introducing the Bible Series (4 sessions): new believers

Book Reading and Discussions (Bible & Theology)

For Western Missionary (4 sessions)

~~~~Every session lasts from 90 minutes to two hours.
~~~~All will be held in small group form.
~~~~Details upon request

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2020 Christian Ministry Learning Opportunities, Grants, Webinars in USA

EFC Educational Workshops/Seminars

Rev. Dr. Samuel Tang's Bookroom

Short Talks of "Final Words" by Rev. Maixizhen(or Rev. Maakhaychun).

The ChurchLeaders Podcast from (Subscription)

Free online biblical courses by ODBCU for enrichment and services.