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Life Care

The Life Care series provide the pastoral care notes at different stages of life . The full contents are available in Chinese only.

In the Beginning ( for those in their first pregnancy)

Receiving the Gift of Life/ Preparing While Waiting/Casting Your Worries upon God / When Out of Wedlock happens

Two Shall Be One ( for couple-to-be or newly-wedded )

God and Marriage/ A New Man and A New Woman/ The In-Laws/ Be Content and Thankful

Going On Together (for those in parenting)

Caring Emotional Life/ Guiding Social Life/ Family Meeting/ Talking, Talking

Workplace (for those at workplace)

God and Work/ Basics of Self-Care /Xray Interpersonal Relationship / Witness and Mission

Halftime (for those in middle life)

Telling Storeis /Renewal and Planning/Stress and Temptation/ In His Arms

Silver Years (for those in advanced ages)

Living with Losses/Becoming a Wise Man or a Wise Woman/Delight in God/Care for Your Neighbors

Facing Dying (for those in end of life)

Biblical Views of Life and Death/Learnings on Facing Dying from Jesus/Love Them to the End /Into Heavenly Home/To Caregivers

The Uninvited (for those who face unusuals)

Grieving /Biblical Views on Sufferings/Life Symphony/Immanuel

The Grief Support Group (for those who face loss)

On Grief / Developing a Grief Support Group/ An example of Grief Support Group

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